Block of the Month Patterns

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Block of the Month Patterns for 2018-2019

Theme for Block of the Month for 2018-2019

2018-2019 BOM Introduction

VW Bus

May 2018 instructions
May 2018 template

Truck and Trailer

June 2018 instructions
June 2018 template Part 1
June 2018 template Part 2

Moby Dick

July 2018 instructions
July 2018 template page 1
July 2018 template page 2

Flip Flops on the Beach

August 2018 instructions
August 2018 template


September 2018 instructions
September 2018 template


October 2018 instructions
October 2018 template

Palm and Sun

November 2018 instructions
November 2018 palm template
November 2018 sun template


January 2019 instructions
January 2019 template


February 2019 instructions
February 2019 template

Block of the Month Patterns for 2013-2014

Love of Triangles

Theme for Block of the Month for 2013-2014

2013-2014 BOM Introduction
Make Half-Square Triangles

Pinwheels All Around

June 2013 instructions


July 2013 instructions

Yankee Puzzle

August 2013 instructions

Pinwheel II

September 2013 instructions

Flying X

October 2013 instructions

Flying Pinwheel

November 2013 instructions

Ladies Wreath

December 2013 instructions

Block of the Month article

Mosaic No. 22

January 2014 instructions

Mosaic No. 18

February 2014 instructions

Twirling Stars

March 2014 instructions

Mosaic No. 22

April 2014 instructions

Pinwheel Star

May 2014 instructions

Measurements for Borders

Block of the Month Patterns for 2012-2013

Block of the Month Show and Contest 2012-2013

2012-2013 Piecemaker Quilt Assembly


June 2012 instructions
June 2012 template

Scrappy Pinwheels

July 2012 instructions

Rotary Cutter

August 2012 instructions and pattern

Sewing Machine

September 2012 instructions and pattern


October 2012 instructions
October 2012 template


November 2012 instructions
November 2012 template


December 2012 instructions and pattern


January 2013 instructions

Love My Stash

February 2013 instructions


March 2013 instructions

Jar in My Stash

April 2013 instructions


May 2013 page 1 instructions
May 2013 page 2 instructions

Block of the Month Patterns for 2011-2012

Calendar of Houses

Theme for Block of the Month for 2011-2012

Bride House

June 2011 instructions

White House

July 2011 instructions
July 2011 template

Beehive House

August 2011 instructions
August 2011 template

Little Schoolhouse

September 2011 instructions
September 2011 template

Pumpkin House

October 2011 instructions
October 2011 template

Pilgrim House

November 2011 instructions

Gingerbread House

December 2011 instructions
December 2011 template

Ice House

January 2012 instructions
January 2012 template

Lincoln Log House

February 2012 instructions
February 2012 template

Topsy Turvy Pot 'o Gold House

March 2012 instructions
March 2012 template

Umbrella House

April 2012 instructions
April 2012 template

Flower House

May 2012 instructions

Block of the Month Patterns for 2010-2011

Trees Please

Theme for Block of the Month for 2010-2011

Bloomin' Yo-Yos

June 2010 instructions
and template

Fruit Tree

July 2010 instructions
and template

Snowball Topiary

August 2010 instructions

Tree of Life

September 2010 instructions

Birds on a Branch

October 2010 instructions

Acorn and Leaf

November 2010 instructions

Pine Tree

December 2010 instructions

Primitive Button Tree

January 2011 instructions and template

Bird Condo

February 2011 instructions and template

Tree in Grandma's Garden

March 2011 instructions

Maple Leaf

April 2011 instructions

Trees Please

May 2011 putting the quilt together

Block of the Month Patterns for 2009-2010

Surf's Up

Theme for Block of the Month for 2009-2010

Surf's Up

May 2009 instructions and pattern
May 2009 tutorial

Beach Ball

June 2009 instructions and pattern
June 2009 tutorial

The Flag's A'Wavin'

July 2009 instructions and pattern
July 2009 tutorial

Sunny Days

August 2009 instructions and pattern
August 2009 tutorial

Life Preserver

September 2009 instructions and pattern
September 2009 tutorial

Santa Ana Winds

October 2009 instructions and pattern
October 2009 tutorial


November 2009 instructions and pattern
November 2009 tutorial


December 2009 instructions and pattern
December 2009 tutorial


January 2010 instructions
January 2010 tutorial


February 2010 instructions
February 2010 tutorial

Return of the Swallows

March 2010 instructions
March 2010 tutorial


April 2010 instructions
April 2010 tutorial

Palm Tree

May 2010 instructions
May 2010 template

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